Software for ready-mix concrete companies.

Readymix 360  gets your sales
organized and planned.

Be ahead of the competition and know exactly what you are going to need to meet your company's demand and increase on-time deliveries.

How to plan your production in 3 steps

1. Receiving Orders

We created our software with a friendly visual interface to help you organize and be in control of the schedule. With Readymix 360 you receive orders directly from the ERP or the sales team. An excellent way to track your production map.

2. Planning an order

Here you configure the delivery rules: Adjust the pouring time, frequency, time in route, maximum volume per trip and get an overview of how your planning can be carried out.

3.Check truck demand

The delivery process is much more organized when using Readymix360. Here, through intuitive graphics, you have all the planning at your fingertips, forecasting the number of trucks needed to meet current orders and what times are available for new orders.

Features to help you focus

Solutions that help your company to be ahead of the competition in the ready-mix concrete market.

Supervise your KPI's

Monitor your indicators in a simple and integrated way. Track your entire operation and use the data to support your decision making. What gets measured gets managed.

Plan your demand

Plan your production and know in advance the number of trucks to meet your demand. Eliminate once and for all the lack of punctuality in your deliveries.

Customer APP

Your client will be able to track deliveries in real time with our incredible APP. In addition, he can complete a satisfaction survey and you will be informed about the quality of your service.

Increase productivity

Reduce your delivery cycle time. Find out which customers are reducing the productivity of your mixer truck.

Driver's APP

Improve the commitment and productivity of your drivers thought our  APP with route navigation.

Track everything in real time

Our online Operational Panel puts all your delivery data in one screen. Optimizing your logistics has never been easier.

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