May 31, 2021

The importance of Readymix Concrete on-time delivery and how we can help

Readymix concrete is an important part of construction in France, Germany, the US, Spain, Italy, and the UK. The value of the global concrete market increases day by day. United States has been identified as one of the biggest RMC markets in the world. Unlike other products that can be produced and stocked according to the market requirement, RMC can not be stocked. After the water has been added to the material it only has two hours before it dries out. The ready mix industries responsible for scheduling their truck shipping in half an hour window.

The ready-mixconcrete industry faces changes every day due to its environmental complications. The ready-made industry faces the issue of shipping material, weather changes, and shipping complications. It is also one of the products of the markets whose shipping requests change very frequently according to the customer’s request. The RMC industry requires highly skilled employees to deal with issues effectively.

The RMC industry faces shipping complexities because they need to check their trucks for on-time delivery. The delay in RMC delivery means a market loss among the competitors.

The rapid urbanization in a country like India adds to the growth of the RMC industry. There have been large projects that consume a large amount of ready mix. In India, there are two ways of manufacturing concrete, one site mixing and another ready mixed. In the construction industry, the time invested in site mixing concrete is more which means instead of being beneficial, it is a loss. So for big projects like metros, flyovers, etc, ready mix concrete is a better option. As ready mix concrete is an advanced technology it requires better management and automation. If we compare RMC and site mixing concrete, the results will favor RMC. In terms of quality, eco-friendliness, and time cost RMC is far superior.

According to the RMC Research & Education Foundation, the ready-mix concrete you provide to the sites should be traceable. Because in the future if you find out that there had been a defective batch you can check out the other site materials for mix ratio. The identification of your truck drivers is another important aspect of your RMC business. Because they are the only ones that meet your customers.

How Can Readymix360 Help?

Readymix360 understands the importance of on-time delivery for ready mix concrete. If the trucks are delayed you will be at a great loss. Readymix360 will monitor your entire delivery process and collect the data for future decision-making.

Readymix360 will also plan your production and the requirement of the number of trucks to meet the demand. Readymix360 also has apps for both customers and truck drivers. Customers can track the delivery update on their mobile phones. And drivers can reach on time using the navigation app. After delivery, customers will be asked to take a survey for customer satisfaction.

Every single detail of the operation will be visible on one single screen of clients. They can track updates of operation in real-time. Readymix360 will increase the productivity and punctuality rate.

Mar 1, 2021

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Mar 1, 2021

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Mar 1, 2021

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